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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your A/C

A few signs that it’s time for A/C replacements include aged units, higher energy costs, and strange sounds. Keep reading to learn more.

We have been helping homes and businesses in Baldwin County and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. That has led us to assemble this list of common signs hinting that it’s time to replace your air conditioner.

The following points will explain each sign, how it could impact your business and home, and whether it means you’ll need an A/C replacement.

Let’s begin.

1: Increased Energy Bills

Higher energy bills from air conditioners could indicate your system requires a repair, cleaning, or is nearing the end of its use.

Unless your energy usage habits have significantly changed, or if there are price hikes, you should not see a spike in your energy bill.

First, have a technician inspect and clean your A/C. From there, you can determine whether a replacement is necessary.

2: Your A/C Is Over 10 Years Old suggests replacing a 10-year-old air conditioner with a more efficient model can save you 20-40% on your energy bills [1]. That is because older systems use single-speed ventilation systems.

Two-speed and variable-speed air conditioning systems offer much more efficiency than their older counterparts.

While this factor doesn’t demand a replacement, it could help you save money on your energy bill.

An air conditioner over 10 years old will likely use Freon, a refrigerant. In 2020, the federal government banned the manufacturing and importing of this chemical due to environmental concerns [2].

So if your A/C runs out of Freon, you will have a difficult (likely impossible) time finding it.

3: You See Pools of Water Around Your Air Conditioner

A clogged drain pipe, dirty air filters, or low refrigerant levels can all lead to water pooling around your air conditioning system.

Have a contractor inspect your unit to see whether any of the above is the culprit for your issue. From there, you can weigh the costs of repairing your unit versus replacing it.

4: Strange Sounds Come From the Unit

Humming and rattling sounds from your air conditioner could mean that your A/C has a blown compressor. And with a blown compressor, that means your air conditioning hardware could fail.

Or it could mean there’s an electrical problem in your A/C. Don’t procrastinate on this issue. You’ll want to contact someone immediately to find the culprit.

Otherwise, you may yourself without AC and waiting on a technician during a scorching Alabama summer.

5: You Deal With Constant Repairs

You should not have to deal with frequent air conditioner repairs throughout the year. If this is the case, you may not have had regular A/C tune-ups. And it could signify that your A/C’s time has come.

These continual repairs may add up and cost more than replacing the unit with something more efficient.

6: Bad Smells Throughout Your Home

Common abnormal smells a malfunctioning air conditioner can let out include:

  • Car exhaust: could signify a refrigerant leak
  • Rotten eggs: gas leak
  • Gunpowder: burning electrical component
  • Musty: accumulation of water or mold

These scents may only mean you need a repair. But like the abnormal sounds, you should consider contacting an A/C specialist ASAP. Even if these issues are minor, you could put your household or business in danger.

If you have a damaged electrical component or a refrigerant leak, you will want to consider a replacement A/C unit.

Whether you need an A/C replacement or repair, Ingersoll Refrigeration can help. We help businesses and residents in Fairhope, AL, and the surrounding areas with heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation.

Learn more about one of the top names in Fairhope. And once you’re ready for a free estimate, call us at (251) 928-9392.

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