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5 Common Commercial Refrigeration Repair Issues

Issues with commercial refrigeration (or outages) can cost companies millions of dollars per hour because of downtime. That is why you should troubleshoot immediately once you notice something off with your fridge.

Common commercial fridge repair issues that you may encounter include:

  1. The commercial refrigerator is not cold enough
  2. Power issues
  3. Ice buildup
  4. Strange noises
  5. LED lights do not work

Keep reading to understand troubleshooting commercial refrigeration systems.

1. It Cannot Keep Food Cold

Sometimes, your bottle fridge or food refrigerator may not cool your perishables. First, check whether your appliance is at least a couple inches away from the wall. Or whether it has adequate airflow behind it.

Because without proper airflow, you will rapidly wear down your device’s gaskets.

You will also want to check your temperature gauge. It may have malfunctioned. Grab a thermometer and double-check your commercial fridge’s temperature.

If the above areas are not the issue, check your fridge vents. You may have a blockage that is causing problems with cooling your perishables.

2. Issues With the Refrigerator’s Power

Your commercial refrigerator may not power on despite you switching the power switch on. Unplug the fridge, find a voltage detector, and test the wall outlet’s voltage. You will also want to check the ground wires.

Doing so will help rule out potential issues with the wiring.

Whether your voltage detector notices any issues, you will not want to tackle refrigeration power issues yourself. You will need to hire a local commercial refrigeration repair specialist. Otherwise, you risk employee hazards or permanent damage to your appliance.

3. Frost and Ice Buildup

Dirty or malfunctioning evaporator fan coils can lead to ice buildup within your commercial fridge. Follow these steps to clean your refrigerator coils:

  1. Unplug your refrigerator
  2. Locate the condenser coils: usually behind a grate behind, on top, or below the unit
  3. Remove the grate
  4. Use a stiff brush to dust the unit: after brushing, use a vacuum to collect the fallen dust
  5. Reattach the grate
  6. Plug in your fridge once more

Do not leave your fridge unplugged for too long. Food exposed to temperatures 40 to 140 F and above can breed bacteria within 20 minutes. Whereas, food exposed to 90 F will breed bacteria within an hour.

Ensure you use a sense of urgency when cleaning your coils. However, cleaning your coils should not take long. At least less than 30 minutes.

If cleaning your coils does not improve your fridge’s state, clean your evaporator’s drains. Your user manual should tell you how to do this. Because each model’s evaporator coils may require a different cleaning method.

4. Strange Noises

Pay attention to the sound your refrigerator makes. Loud buzzing or humming noises could result from compressor failures. 

Meanwhile, gurgling, rattling, and clicking likely mean you have issues with the following:

  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Other moving parts

There is not much you can do yourself in this scenario.

If you hear these noises, call a commercial fridge technician immediately. Otherwise, you may have to shut down your fridges temporarily. And if that happens, you will likely lose a lot of money because of downtime.

5. Lights Are Not Working

Ensure you replace LED lights in your fridges with manufacturer-approved bulbs. Otherwise, you may run into future lighting issues with your fridge.

If you are unsure what type of lights your manufacturer recommends, check the fridge’s manual. And if the manual does not help, contact the manufacturer’s customer service and ask whether they can provide the information you need.

Do the lights still not work? You may have wiring issues. You will need to contact a commercial fridge repair specialist.

If this commercial refrigeration troubleshooting guide did not help, you might need to consider hiring help. Ingersoll offers commercial refrigeration repair in Fairhope, Alabama, and Baldwin County. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help.

Or call us at (251) 928-9392.

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