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Home Backup Generator

Whole Home Generator Installation in Fairhope, AL

Whether you're faced with hurricane season or an occasional blackout, a whole home power generator will make a difference. Not only will they help you preserve food, but they can also help provide heat. If you are in the market for a home generator installation in Fairhope, AL or the surrounding areas, you'll need a seasoned professional to install it. That way, you ensure reliability during your time of need.

Why Whole Home Generators Are Essential

Over the years, power generators have made strides in advancements. Because of these upgrades, they have become more reliable and can power more items throughout your home.

For starters, when your local power grid shuts down, the generator will automatically activate. And once your grid returns to normal, the generator will switch off.

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Provides Power During Natural Disasters

During hurricane season, your local grid is likely to suffer. This event will lead to widespread blackouts. In extreme instances, you may find yourself without power for days.

Because a natural disaster happens doesn’t mean your life is on pause. Whether you manage a business, are a remote worker, or have other projects, you need to move forward. Having a reliable source of electricity from a home generator will ensure you can keep working.

Prevents Your Home From Having No Electricity During a Blackout

Electricity blackouts can happen at any time. Whether natural disasters damage your local grid or tree branches weigh down your power lines. You will also find that the duration of these blackouts is unpredictable.

Once summer hits, you won’t want to be without cooling if the grids are overworked. Having a generator at home can ensure that your air conditioning will work when no one else's will.

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Helps Lower Risk of Water Damage

If you have a sump pump in your basement to prevent flooding and water damage, you will need to keep it powered. Otherwise, you could find your basement flooded within hours during a rainstorm.

Generators offer a reliable means to keep your pump powered. They also help you save money from water damage remediation.

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Brands We Trust

At Ingersoll, we believe in offering only high-quality products. That goal also applies to the home generators we install in our community’s homes. After thorough research, we have chosen two generator brands, Generac and Briggs & Stratton.

Both brands are committed to providing products that produce cleaner energy. Generac provides advanced power grid software solutions.

Meanwhile, Briggs & Stratton offers the industry’s most powerful generator packed with features like:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Optional power management system
  • Easy serviceability

When choosing a home generator for your home, you want to target quality. Having a reliable generator can make an enormous difference during a natural disaster. Allow our team at Ingersoll's Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Inc to help your find the right generator for you. You can count on us when you're ready to schedule your home generator installation in Fairhope, AL and the surrounding areas.

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In addition to selling and installing home generators, we also offer commercial vent hood installation, heating and AC services, and commercial refrigeration repair.

Choose a trustworthy installer. Consider Ingersoll. We have served Baldwin County and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. When you’re ready to try our services, reach out to us for a free estimate.

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