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6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Vent Hood

We have been helping homeowners and businesses in Baldwin County and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. This experience has given us plenty of insight into knowing when to replace range hoods.

Keep reading to learn more about when it is time to replace your vent hood.

Signs You Should Replace Your Vent Hood

The following sections will explain scenarios and will provide advice as to when you should replace your kitchen's range hood.

1: Exterior and Interior Hood Damage

Exterior damage on a vent hood, such as dents, cracks, or rust, means it is time for a replacement. Not only is a damaged range hood unsightly, but it can also prove as a safety hazard.

If the interior of your range hood is damaged, it can be a severe safety hazard. The interior of the range hood is where the heat and smoke from the stove top are vented. If the interior is damaged, it can cause heat and smoke to escape into the kitchen.

And if you do not manage your kitchen air, it could leak into areas with customers.

Interior damages to your vent hood can come from too much grease in your hood. The grease accumulation in your vent hood can be a fire hazard. If you don't have a good ventilation system, it can also be a health hazard.

2: Worn Hood Surface Color

If the color of your range hood has changed over time. Not due to the natural patina of copper, but due to the exposure to smoke and grease buildup.

Upgrading to a high-quality range hood will not only fix the issue, but will also improve your hood's durability.

3: Your Range Hood Is No Longer Functioning Properly

Signs that your range hood is no longer functioning right include:

  • Strange noises: could be a sign that it is no longer working properly
  • Not venting correctly: if you notice that your range hood is not drawing the smoke and fumes away from your stove topĀ 
  • Continually dirty filter: if you have to clean your hood filters a lot

Another way to tell if your range hood is not working correctly is if it is not sucking up all the smoke and grease from your cooking.

If you notice that your range hood is not performing as well as it used to, or if it seems like it is not working at all, then it is time to hire a professional to inspect your hood.

4: You Cook for More People

If your restaurant has more customers to cook for, you will need to replace your vent hood. This is because your current vent hood will not be able to handle the increased volume of cooking that will be taking place.

An out-of-date system may have to work more to move the same amount of air, resulting in higher expenditures. You may need to replace your system to get your energy costs back to acceptable levels.

5: The Range Hood Blower or Circuitry Is Damaged

The circuit board is a thin plate that contains a pattern of interconnected electrical components and conductors. If you have circuitry damage in your vent hood exhaust, it can cause a fire.

The best way to avoid this is to have a professional inspect your vent hood regularly. If they notice any issues, they can replace them and prevent your business from having to endure downtime.

6: Your Hood Is Too Noisy

A vent hood with a lot of loud sounds often indicates that the fan blades need a good cleaning. If you do not clean your blades, they will eventually become unbalanced and cause the motor to overheat and shut down.

It can also signify that your fan motor is having issues.

It is usual for your appliances to make a lot of noise when used on the highest fan settings. But if it makes noises on lower settings, you will likely have problems.

In some scenarios, you could have a commercial hood repair specialist fix it. But in some instances, repairs are not enough. And you will need to get a new vent hood.

FAQ: Vent Hood Replacements

These sections will cover frequently asked questions about kitchen ventilation hoods.

How Do I Test My Exhaust Hood?

You can test your exhaust hood by turning it on and holding a piece of paper up to the vent. If the paper flutters, then the hood works properly. If the paper does not flutter, the hood is not working correctly.

How Long Does a Commercial Hood Fan Last?

A kitchen hood fan lasts an average of 10 years.

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